• Physical Assets Valuation
  • Property Investment Analysis
  • Project Monitoring
  • Property Investment Managers
  • Property Brokers
Here, we determine values of physical assets which covers landed properties, plants and machineries, fixtures and fittings; and equipment for various purposes e.g. financial, disposal, mortgage etc.
We carry out viability appraisal on landed property to determine and advise on the best use and development it could be put into. We go further to carry out sensitive analysis to ensure our clients are adequately advised in taking decision on property investments.
Here, we act as the eyes and ears of the client during developments process. The benefits to the client are:
-Enhanced risk management
-Enhanced financial management
-Enhance programmed management and
-Enhanced quality management.
Project monitoring is carried out on behalf of a range of alternative client types including, for example:
-Finding institution which will acquire the same scheme as an investment upon completion
A tenant or purchaser which enters into a commitment to lease or purchase a property upon completion
-A bank or other development financial institution where a loan matures at the end of the development period
-Grant funders; or
-Private finance initiative funders and the end users.
Although, the risk bone by each of these client groups differ, in each  case, the development will be designed, constructed and supervised by a developer who will employ a design and construction team. The appointment of a project monitor does not replace any of these primary functions, but protects the client’s interests by monitoring the performance of the developer and its team.
This involves the administration and supervision of real estate investment to ensure regular and maximum returns to clients. Our services here are:
-Determination of rental value, negotiation of rent payable based on the above and   renewal of lease on successful negotiation.
-Routine inspection to prevent any damage (social, economic and physical) to the     property and its fittings.
-Advising landlords on works needed to be carried out on the property.
-Administer and ensure that covenants in the lease agreement are reasonable           adhered to.
-Collection of rent on behalf of the landlord.
-Remittance of same less our professional fee
-regular routine report on the property to client
Types of Properties we manage are:
-Purpose built commercial office complex
-Residential houses, flats, etc.
Here, we assist clients to source or dispose of interest in real property assets or investment at best market price. It could either be in respect of lease or outright sale. Early performance in client brief is aided by our keeping and updating listing of various properties available for lease or sale in addition to requests from various sources.

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