Our Competencies:

At  Tunji Ologbon Partnership, we have been able to assemble under one roof, a team of seasoned professionals with proven competencies and track records in management of wide range properties, including; Residential, Commercial, Institutional, and Specialized Portfolios.

We are collectively driven by our passion for delivering best achievable results while deploying both in- country and international best practices.

Our Objective:

  • Our objective remains commitment to creating and adding value to our client, by effectively managing all deliverables, specific enterprise solutions, specifically planned and designed for surpassing well defined expectations on investment objectives, timeframes, budgets, and sustainable quality while deploying the best professional benefit optimizing tools.


If engaged, we are bringing to the table the following:

  • Property Management Best Practices
  • Acceptable Customized Enterprise Solutions
  • Sustained Property Character
  • Clients Confidence and Investment Objective(s) Delivery
  • Efficient Resources Utilization
  • Zero Statutory and Legal Infractions
  • Benefits Optimization
  • Timely Result Delivery: Within-Budget Operations, While Minimizing or Completely Eliminating Cost Overruns
  • Robust Reporting and Accounting Framework
  • Measurable Benchmarks and Quality Matrices


Our approach to Property Management is squarely anchored on the following:

  • Process
  • Property
  • Client
  • People
  • Legal and Statutory Frameworks
  • Third Parties

Every property to us is  unique and comes with peculiar management challenges revolving around  the above listed.

We deploy proven Project Management tools for  efficient planning, control, and execution of  all tasks necessary for the realisation of  the set management objectives.


Evolving an efficient and workable process entails engaging with our client with a view to understanding and internalizing each property’s investment objective(s), needs, peculiarities, available resources, result delivery timeframe, and post property management issues. We achieve this by establishing clear and realistic goals, comprehensive and robust solutions based on our client’s needs and expectations. Preceding this is a clear understanding of our client, their core values, business ethics, and the operating environment.

Our Processes involve the following phase:

 Initial Consultations

Solution Modelling


Feedbacks and Closure



Property in its truest sense is the right over an asset.

The core essence of property management is the maximization

of benefits accruable from the exercise of ownership right or interest on an asset:

Maximizing benefits entails the following:

  • Knowledge of the property right (Identify, Define, Secure, and Protect)
  • Clear- cut understanding and Internalization of the investment objective (Financial, Strategic , or a Mix)
  • Knowledge of property life cycle (Age, Structure Design, Maintenance Issues, Improvements, obsolescence, and blighting)
  • Knowledge of the property character (Aesthetics, Purpose, Ergonomics, Space provisions, facilities etc)
  • Knowledge of market dynamics ( Rent, Value, Demand and supply trends, key market participants
  • Knowledge of legal and regulatory framework (zoning, Permissible Uses, Rates, Charges, Taxes, and Environmental Issues)

Our competencies and capacities developed over the years within the Nigerian property market guarantee delivery of measurable results with on properties within our management portfolio

Our emphasis is on forward planning , effective control and execution, benchmarking of results through our unique quality matrix.


Client satisfaction is the core objective of every Property Management Consultancy.

This, however, is squarely tied to a very good understanding and internalization of Client’s Investment Objectives

We  deliver on our clients expectations by:

  • Constant engagement
  • Well documented and agreed deliverables
  • Establishing of effective communication channels
  • Agreed Bench marks on deliverables
  • Transparency and robust corporate governance structure

Periodic Reporting and Accounting


People are central to the success and delivery of Property Management Services. They include:

  • Our Management Team
  • Occupiers and Users of the Property
  • Owners of Property
  • Contractors and Services Providers

Our approach is hinged squarely on very good understanding of each party. We achieve this through pre-engagement due diligences, KYC, and continual engagement, with a view to appreciating and fulfilling their expectations

Additionally, we make it  appoint of duty to ensure that they buy- into our client’s Investment objectives and expectations.

Achieving these entails creating the necessary synergies for “owing” and acceptance of our Client’s Investment Objectives. Owing in the Sense of being an important stakeholder for the realisation of the objective, whose inputs are judged critical and appreciated.

Engagements both formal and Informal remain our key to unlocking a cordial relationship necessary for seamless discharge of our functions and management of people.


The Overall success of our management functions is hinged on strict compliance with legal  and statutory

Frameworks on property ownership and use.

These include:

  • Obligations and duties to the different tiers of government
  • Care and duty to third parties
  • Care and duty to property owners
  • Care and duty to the environment

Our experiences over the years and good understanding of property management laws and  best practices  provide us with tools that guarantee near-zero legal infraction and their attendant resource cost thus furthering the overall objectives of our clients


Overall success of any Property Management endeavour must recognise the role and effects of third parties.

These parties include:

  • Community
  • Visitors
  • Services providers and vendors

At Tunji Ologbon Partnership, we have over the years developed systems for early detection, controlling and management of these parties

Community Level:  Engagement, Communication, and grievance reporting channels, identifying with their aspiration through needs oriented CSR, respect and appreciation of cultural ethos, and conflict resolutions.

Visitors: Profiling, Access Control, Monitoring

Services Providers, and Vendors:


Our Property Management Systems are robust, flexible  and designed to meeting  Property Investment Objectives in virtually all sectors of the economy.

These objectives include:

  • Financial
  • Strategic
  • A mix of Financial and Strategic