Here, we act as the eyes and ears of the client during developments process. The benefits to the client are:

  • Enhanced risk management
  • Enhanced financial management
  • Enhance programmed management and
  • Enhanced quality management.

Project monitoring is carried out on behalf of a range of alternative client types including, for example:

  • Funding institution which will acquire the same scheme as an investment upon completion
    A tenant or purchaser which enters into a commitment to lease or purchase a property upon completion
  • A bank or other development financial institution where a loan matures at the end of the development period
  • Grant funders; or
    Private finance initiative funders and the end users.

Although, the risk bone by each of these client groups differ, in each  case, the development will be designed, constructed and supervised by a developer who will employ a design and construction team. The appointment of a project monitor does not replace any of these primary functions, but protects the client’s interests by monitoring the performance of the developer and its team.